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Galileo and Modern Physics

Galileo and Modern Physics

Galileo and Modern Physics More people remember Galileo, if they remember their supporters, with the sun in the center of the solar system as a champion of the Copenhagen model. Their story may also be remembered that he dropped heavy and light weight above the tower of the Pisa, so that he would know that he would reach the ground at the same time. In the movement of objects on earth, the precious experimental work of all Galileo was recognized by Newton and was involved in their credible synthesis of the laws of motion. This is just part of physics history, belonging to the present state of science.

However, there is also the second part of Galileo’s work, not only in its importance, but at the present age. This Galileo was alone who was responsible for establishing scientific methods to follow the new science of Physics. He published three foundation concepts, in which modern and modern quantities of quantum mechanics ignored and directed all the ideas in physics. In other studies other than Physics, these concepts still make the foundation of all developmental development.

Galileo’s three basic concepts can be described in this way:

First of all, it has been said that if a rule has proved true according to a repeated and careful observation or experience, it is just a principle and the fact that it becomes established, the nature of the law expresses The fact is certainly set up. . He further said that philosophy was obliged to examine all the statements about this incident, especially those trends that were valuable and measurable, and do not agree on non-support traditions.

His second siege was very easy: Math is the language of physics. Without this, we can not understand the same word, in their opinion. Here, this means that math is not just the creation of human minds, inner and mental (not a summary of anything), but also reflects the natural law outside of the mind and is part of the world’s clothes.

Galileo really becomes strange and radical in the last of its three fronts. He distributes the world into two types, “basic features” and “secondary features.” In his opinion, he is already suitable for scientific consideration as he is without the need of human presence. That’s why they agree with a reasonable fact. They were very few in number and Ren Dartartes later gave them only two, the matter and the movement. All secondary features, which we all understand through the touch, taste, smell and listening, needed the presence of their existence and its organs and thus deprived of depression and science.

The lack of physics in physics was accepted only later two worthy of “features”. For example, the creation of great synonyms of Newton’s laws is just about matters and movements. It was thought that it could open all mysteries of nature alone. Philosophical expressions of Newton’s laws were designed to make full decision-making decisions and lips and many others. It continued until the 1920s, when Physics had destroyed nuclear barriers and it was felt that mental particles without sub-uncertainty can be explained. However, as far as our awareness of the world is concerned, we still live in th age of Newton and Galileo.  We still feel that the world of nature that surrounds us leads a completely separate existence from us and has a completely separate history.  This means that we still feel that the reality of nature is objective that is it does not depend on us and our presence.

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