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how to create interest in studies
how to create interest in studies

how to create interest in studies

how to create interest in studies

Some tips to improve your study skills

how to create interest in studies If you have studied everything well,but cannot repeat the same in the answer sheet,here are some tips which you could use to improve your study skills and make it more efficient and fruitful.It does not matter if you are a college student or middle school student,the basic study skills to improve your grades and make studying fun are the same.

1.Having a goal

The first and foremost thing you need to study well is an aim.Learning skills come from your desire to study and reach a position no matter who you are-a college student or a school student.The first study skill is learning the best possible way by which you can keep yourself entertained to study.Having a goal is a very good way to do it.

Having a goal is important.
Having a goal is important.

2.Place of study.

Always try to study in a particular place.Choose a suitable place for your study and prepare it so that there is nothing around you which could turn your attention(like magazines etc.)It would be better if you sit in your study table.Never lie down anywhere while studyng-you are sure to go into sleep.Try to study in a place where lot of light & air could enter.

Try to keep a specific place for studying.

Place of study should be well lighted.
Place of study should be well lighted.

3.Never Study continuosly for many hours

Never Study continuously for many hours.This could damage your eyes,brain etc and make you a worm.Rest for some 10mins after a study of 50mins.Drink some water,go around and chat with someone or read some books.

You can have 2 or 3 schedules like this and take an interval of 2 hours after that.

Don't study continuously for many hours.
Don’t study continuously for many hours.

4.Make a note of what you are reading

Study by scribbling on a rough note.Scribble formulas,important terms etc. on that note.This will help to keep those ideas in your mind.Use it for future reference also.

Always solve numericals by writing.Never read out the problems or make it by-heart.

Scrible notes.
Scrible notes.

5.Reading what you learn

Old people ask to read loudly while we study.It is good for small children but not practical for students in higher classes.Reading loudly can make you dizzy.So it is not a good idea.

Read with enough sound so that you can hear yourself.

Read what you learn.
Read what you learn.

6.Right time to study

Never study after you have eaten full or if you are starving.Studying with a full stomach will make you sleep and with a starving stomach wouldn’t help you at all.Your brain wont act along with you.

There is no right time to study for a child.It depends on the child.Each child will have different times depending upon their habit.The student should study at a time when he/she is best comfortable to.Parents shouldn’t compel them to study according to their wish.

7.Revise what you have learned.

Revise your portions if you have spare time.This will help you remember things.

Revise important formulas etc. just before you go into the exam hall(it would be easy if you make an easy-note of the formulas).

Revise by imagining that you are explaining something to your friend.This is also a good method of study.Refer previous year questions and other important Questions from guides which are sure to come.

Always start studying with the chapters you like so that you will be in that mood to study and then move on to the hard ones.

Take good rest the day before your exam especially if you are going to write your mathematics exam.Do not stay late night even if you haven’t studied everything.

Revise the lessons before exam.
Revise the lessons before exam.

8.Never learn concepts by-heart

Concepts/principles should never be learned by heart.Always understand the content and think practically with some interesting examples.

Learning by-heart is never going to help you in your future.It stays in mind just for your exam the coming day.But that is not enough.If learn by understanding the concept,you could answer any question based on that concept.

9.Do not study too much

Do not read too many text books.

Choose some texts which you find are elaborative and explains the concept or the story in a simple language and refer them.If you are looking for a higher level of study you can refer many text books,but it is always important not to loose the basic concepts while following many textbooks.

The point is that you should not make your brain saturated.

10.Combine study

IF you find that studying alone is a monotonous job you can call your friends and have combine study.

Do it only if you are sure that it will be useful.Personally it hasn’t worked out for me.I would just beat jokes and go around with them.

The best people to do combine study with are people who are less smart in ‘studies’ than yourself.But they should have the desire to catch up and learn things.Eventually,you will be the more rewarded person when you try to make him understand things.


Leave aside all these tips: if you have a goal or if you have something to achieve all these tips would come to you naturally.But if you have to compel yourselves to study then there is no other way but to make the situations right,by which,you would come into that kind of a mood.Once you are in that mood,never let it go.Don’t go behind things that can take you away from that zone until you reach YOUR GOAL.Your goal is what is important.Don’t be a loser giving up before you reach your goal.Just keep on working hard.Just don’t give up.

“Life will hit you hard.It ain’t about how hard you hit.Its about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.It’s about how much you can take and keep moving forward.”- Sylvester Stallone(ROCKY BALBOA)

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