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How to Use Quantum Physics and Bach’s Flower Remedies to Heal Your Soul

Quantum Spirit Healing – Edward Beck

The interpretation of Edward’s survival is how his flower works (1934):

“The process of these methods is to open our channels to raise our vibrations and open the spiritual self (the universe of universal blue prints, in the mind of God). We are facing this error. (Positive health Vibration production with vibration Removal of negative illness.) “

“The flower is capable of treating, such as beautiful music (healing companies) or any wonderful addiction that gives sympathy (healing vibration), to enhance our very goodness, and able to bring us closer to our lives. (We are all the individual souls living and in the name of God’s mind, within our souls there are many souls.) And by this it is the process of bringing peace and relief to our troubles. They attack the disease. , But with our beautiful vibrations of the body, we do not prevent our bodies from being flooded. Nature (divine bluetooth), in whose presence, in the presence of the disease, like the sun burst like snow. Shall. “

There is no true healing unless there is any change in mind, security of mind and inner happiness.

When we invent accounts invent the new paragraph, quantum physics, it will start peace of mind.

These laws tell us that the smallest quota in the universe is an individual soul. Wave is not physical part.

We, as individual souls, “pulled out” of Comuman Ocean, God’s mind for two reasons.

To experience a physical, mental and emotional life. Using other experiences, as long as we raise the level of consciousness in this field, as a soul, we no longer need physical reality.

The entire universe is not more than a playground, a matrix that we use for spiritual experiments.

If there were no souls, there would be no universe.

When we exit the soul, we create physical, mental and emotional institutions that we use for our experiences. We have many tools to use these tours in a physical fact.

One of the tips of EdwardBack’s treatment is these tools.

Our souls know when we have made mistakes, either with our thoughts, emotions or our actions. These errors cause pain and illness due to energy prevention.

Our life uses pain as a warning that we are producing waste in our divine bluetooth for health.

Edward Beck considered the contact between pain and pain warnings.

This is the new example of the spiritual quantum physics rules. This is an example of energy healing. We are the souls, the energy is not the physical body because we believe.

Creator for our resources One of the tools of God’s “male” tools is the treatment of flowers behind.

Adidbank blessed the shoulders and torn them and gave them the task of healing and self-healing to treat the flowers.

It is interesting to note that Edward Beck did not yet treat the treatment of the flower, then he passed and went back to “Comet Ocean”.

As of now, our era has lived in the new paragraph of Aquarium and spiritual quantum physics of 1950.

We can only be surprised that the child will “shock back” in the physical reality of a new avatar.

What new healing will surprise with him?

The Rangers Story (AAAllas Peterson) is a Korean warrior living in Monsters of Pokon Hills with Louisiana and Dogie Ducky. He is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has written more than 200 articles and books. Clinic went to Physics, Viking history, or generator and alternative treatment procedure. Rangers are 70+ but thanks to 50 of their diets. You can see more information on their website: Reggae Story Written on non-politically correct on communist physics and other equipment.

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