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How to Use Quantum Physics and the Power of Your Magical Mind

How to Use Quantum Physics and the Power of Your Magical Mind

How to Use Quantum Physics and the Power of Your Magical Mind

How to Use Quantum Physics and the Power of Your Magical Mind A new example of quantum physics rules tells us that by “brain power” we see everything and experience. You, I, Planet Earth, Galaxy and Universe are all created and persistent by the creator of God’s creator’s mind. We all ‘creep out’ of the creator of God. We are individual souls living, moving and having our being with this Mind of God and ‘blink out’ into physical incarnations.

The new paradigm of the Laws of Quantum Physics now calls this Mind of God the Quantum Ocean. As individual souls we also have a Mind which is a smaller piece of the infinite Mind of the Creator God. With our minds we have created our individual physical reality all around us. Each soul creates their own physical reality, which they use to experience “life” in the NOW. Everything around us, including our health, wealth, and happiness we have either created or attracted to ourselves by our mental thoughts.

You now have the power through Quantum Mind Magic to re-create a physical reality, with more health, wealth and happiness. Every morning when we awake we have 10 lbs. of mental energy to use. Up to On this occasion, we have always used this mental energy to create our present health, wealth, happiness and physical reality around us. It’s time to change. Change your thoughts and change your life. I’m not suggesting any great use of the layout or management of the goal. I am advising you use Creator God, your brain gift, easily and naturally as you are doing 24/7. Just sit in your favorite chair or stay in bed when you wake up first. Practice this quantum brain in the morning? Pay yourself first with your own mental energy.

“In my father’s house there are many mansions.” Mentally build your own mansion. Have fun be adventurous, it is your life. It is your mind. It is your mental energy. Build this mental mansion in your own mind. Do not be concerned about trying to manifest it on the physical plane. This is your secret place. You’re Mind. Whatever I do mentally runs a large wooden door, opens it, and enters a big footer, then move my dean / library. This is my “metalworking” room. I sit in front of the fireplace in my favorite chair and see thousands of books on the shelf. I am very hungry, who is always warm and ready. There are several gates in the room, for other rooms.

What a wonderful way to start my day. This is the way I want to start my day. Have fun, be different. Be creative, show something new. Customize your motivation and build the “metalizing” room. Now I put my mental energy to whatever I love. I mentally goes through the “family” label door. It opens a big garden. All my family members are sitting around a large meal breakfast. These include my wife, my daughter, her husband, my grandchildren and grandchildren, and even our small dogs, are greetings of their own.

I live for a while then I say goodbye and return to my dean. I’ve made mental contact in a delicious, pleasant way, and every member of my family feeds the energy as they go through their day. I am a waiter, so now I’m mentally entering the “Internal Writing Circle” label label. Then opens in the garden. But different from the family garden. I’m out of the box despite being a calligraphy. There are my favorite favorite authors in the garden. They are roaming and talk to each other. Some of my favorite writers are the Edwin Rice Seeds, head instead of Canon Daville, and Rodard Cotton. I talk to all of them.

When I get my teeth back, I know that this small tour has written its writing skills and stories. Are you an artist? My wife, Lory is an amazing watercolor artist. If you are, fill your mind, or with your favorite artists, whether you want. Ask questions, take advice. Are you a musician, fill the master of great space with Master? It’s your mind, your mental energy uses its entire life in a very unusual way. You enter the magic mind of the “brain” of the garden and provide valuable value to them. Turn off TV, politicians, religious leaders, doctors, college professors and assistantists (they do not belong to here.)

Build your own reality. And it all starts inside you. Take an hour every morning and encourage your mind. Satisfaction and respect those with whom you love. Do not worry about anything out of your mental enthusiasm or display physically. Enjoy and build comfortably. Grow your thinking and think massively. Universe is under mental law. This is a room in my father’s encouragement and it’s continuous song and extension. Do this in your corner of the universe.

You can imagine it is more precious and important. A person’s ideas can change the energy of the whole world.

Ranger Story (AAASES Pattersonson) is a Korean warrior living in Bonus of Pokon hills with Laura and Dogey Ducky, a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has written over 200 articles and books. Running runs, Regions, Quotes, Viking Date, Generators and Alternative Recovery Methods. Rangers are looking 70+ but thanks for their soul 50. You can see more work on your website: The story of the radar Non-politically correct writing of quantum physics and other things.

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