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Physics Combining QM, SR, and HEP is “New”?

Physics Combining QM, SR, and HEP is “New”?

Physics Combining QM, SR, and HEP is “New”? Often times, when science news is reported in the mass media, while the reporting might be somewhat accurate, the implications that it leaves behind, especially when read by someone not trained in that area, may lead to a horribly wrong idea. This might be the case here.

This news report is covering a paper out of the Princeton’s Plasma Physics Lab (PPPL) on a new theoretical model to explain a plasma physics phenomenon. Nothing wrong there. However, I have a lot of issues with this part of the report very early on:

Researchers of the printed Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) have developed three new branches in the universe, and have developed a new way to discover some of the most energetic universities in the universe: High Energy Physics (which has the speed of charged particles) Fast or near. Light), quantum mechanics (which defines the movement of sub-mental particles), and Ian stein’s ideology special relativity (which describes the propagation of matter and light at high speeds).

“People haven’t done this before,” Yuan Shi, a graduate student in the PPPL and lead author of a paper published July 29 in the journal physical review a told Business Insider. “No one really wanted to cross the boundaries between what other scientists did to do things. It was difficult that these areas have no communication.”Now, I’m sure you’re physicist, or even a graduate student in physics, you can already get some strange place. The existence of quantum field theory (QFT) is already evidence that Special Relativity (SR) has already been incorporated inside quantum mechanics (QM). And high energy physics (HEP) is a field that makes use of QFT!

But if you don’t know that, then reading this news report will give you the impression that this isn’t known till now, and that this is all new!

And the statement made that “People haven’t done this before” with regards to crossing boundaries between disciplines in physics is blatantly false, especially with all the brouhaha surrounding the discovery of the Higgs within the the past couple of years. Anyone following the history of the Higgs field will have seen how the idea originated out of a condensed matter system, and how Phil Anderson, a condensed matter physicist and a Nobel laureate, was himself a strong candidate to be considered for the Nobel prize when the Higgs was finally discovered.

I know that press releases can sometime over-glorified the importance and significance of something. But there really is an important mission here to make sure that one is conveying a message that is clear and unambiguous to the audience that can easily be misled.

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