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What is an element?

What is an element?

element Chemical behavior is what originally led scientists to classify matter into various elements. Chemical behavior is the ability of an atom to combine with other atoms. In more technical terms, chemical behavior depends upon the type and number of the chemical bondsan atom can form with other atoms. In classroom kits for building models of molecules, atoms are usually represented by colored spheres with small holes for pegs and the bonds are represented by the small pegs that can connect the spheres. The number of peg holes signifies the maximum number of bonds an atom can form; different types of bonds may be represented by different types of pegs. Atoms that have the same number of peg holes may have similar chemical behavior. Thus, atoms that have identical chemical behavior are regarded as atoms of the same element. For example, an atom is labeled a “carbon atom” if it can form the same number, types, and configurations of bonds as other carbon atoms. Although the basics are simple to explain, how atoms bind to each other becomes very complex when studied in detail; new discoveries are still being made as new types of materials are formed

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