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A Modern Synthesis of Quantum Physics Nonsense

A Modern Synthesis of Quantum Physics Nonsense

A Modern Synthesis of Quantum Physics Nonsense

A Modern Synthesis of Quantum Physics Nonsense

A Modern Synthesis of Quantum Physics Nonsense Quantum physics, discovered and developed in the 1920’s and 30’s, is a bedrock foundation of modern science and the gizmos and their applications and impact arising from QP account for fully a third of the world’s GDP. However, the subject itself is about as weird as it gets. Some bits are straightforward enough, like energy comes in discrete units (quanta), most bits are straight out of “The Twilight Zone.” I suspect that while the mathematics is correct to an incredible degree of precision, scientists have gotten those “Twilight Zone” mechanisms wrong causing no end of philosophical troubles, as it ‘what does it all mean’ on the most fundamental of levels. I suggest that one can eliminate the “Twilight Zone” aspects with very minor tweaking.


Observation / Measurement: That action which translates the probability and uncertainty associated with quantum physics into 100% certainty. This action doesn’t actually solidify the nature of the state of what you were uncertain about since that nature had already been fixed and determined – you just didn’t know that state of affairs in advance.

Superposition-of State: It is alleged that in quantum physics, in the absence of an observer or measurement (which requires an observer), all possible states that an object can possibly have actually are present and accounted for in that object, simultaneously, at the same time and in the same place. Thus, a coin on a table, when no one is looking, is BOTH heads-up AND tails-up.


1) Observers and measurements are absolutely irrelevant to the state of quantum physics reality.

2) Arising from (1), there is no such thing as uncertainty or probability associated with quantum physics.

3) The concept of superposition-of-state is nonsense.

4) Arising from (3), there can be no such thing as an actual collapse of the wave-function.

5) However, the concept of entanglement is quite valid.

6) Arising from (4), there can be no faster-than-light exchange since there’s nothing to exchange, and thus no spooky action at a distance.

7) Einstein’s postulated hidden variable could easily be the concept that we exist as simulated beings in a virtual landscape, otherwise known as the simulation hypothesis, or, as I phrase it, the Simulated (Virtual Reality) Universe.


Taken to its logical quantum physics conclusion, from the moment of the Big Bang event through to the appearance of the first living, organic, observer, the entire cosmos must have been in a superposition-of-state (no observers were present and accounted for in that interval to collapse all of the zillions of wave-functions arising from these zillions of superposition-of-states). But if that is so, I fail to see how any life-form could have arisen in the first place out of zillions of states of BOTH this AND that (at the same time and in the same place). On the other hand, if one adopts the concept of panpsychism, the idea that everything has consciousness and awareness, then no superposition-of-states would ever have had time to come into being. While that should allow a clear path for the origin of life, the idea that an electron has consciousness and awareness and even a limited degree of free will doesn’t sit well with quantum physicists.


By “spook”, I refer to Einstein famous observation about “spooky action at a distance”.

To de-spook quantum physics, one has to eliminate the concept of superposition-of-state, or, in other words, invoke Rule Number One.

The best way to do this is to just substitute the words EITHER/OR for the words BOTH/AND. So, an electron (singular) is NOT both spin-up AND spin-down (at the same time and in the same place) but rather EITHER spin-up OR spin-down. Or, in the macro sphere, John’s replacement for Schrodinger’s Cat, John’s Thermonuclear Bomb, is NOT both exploded AND not exploded (at the same time and in the same place), but rather EITHER exploded OR not exploded.


According to the human species, or at least that subset of the human species, quantum physicists, quantum physics is all about probabilities and uncertainties. But that’s just according to the human species and the human worldview which might have bugger-all to do with what higher authority (i.e. – Mother Nature) dictates.

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