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Closer to Truth: A Dozen More Thoughts about Physics

Closer to Truth: A Dozen More Thoughts about Physics

Closer to Truth: A Dozen More Thoughts about Physics There is a continuous PBS TV series (many books and a web site) which is called “From Tomorrow”. It is hosted by the Neuroscientist Robert Lawrence Minnesota. He has widely translated an interview and panel discussion with today’s specialists, physics, philosophers, experts, psychologists, and all the major questions around the topic of conflict – Brahmos; consciousness; meaning. Conflicts have decided to deal with the reality, space and time, mind and consciousness, foreign, science, and on it. Here are yet more of my comments on one of the general albeit diverse topics covered, physics and physics reality.

God vs. Physics

So here we have this omnipotent entity, this Maximally Greatest Being (i.e. – God), who is non-physics, who has existed for all eternity (but not infinitely so), and in a timeless state to boot. Then for some totally unexplained reason this entity crossed over the Rubicon into time by creating a physics cosmos, but not an infinite cosmos, out of absolutely nothing for no apparently good reason other than “what the heck; why not; I’m bored” (my quotes). Do you, the reader, have any comprehension of how utterly ridiculous that sounds? If you came across that scenario or concept for the very first time in a novel, you’d be right to question the author’s sanity or drug use.

Timelessness is a ridiculous impossibility since that would require an operating temperature of absolute zero (negating any possible change taking place therefore making the concept of time meaningless). A state of absolute zero is not actually achievable. If you have even the smallest amount of change you have time. I wish those advocating pockets of timelessness might, using their powers of philosophical deduction, point out a place(s) in the cosmos that currently exist(s) in a state of timelessness.

The transition from a state of timelessness to a state of time by anyone is impossible since a change (a mental thought at the minimum is required) would of had to have occurred while still in a timeless state which cannot be. You have to think of going from your timeless state to a state of time before you actually do it.

Further, it’s an impossibility to create an absolute something from an absolute nothing, especially if you are non-physics to begin with.

An actual non-physics thing is nonsense. A “thing” is an actual something with substance and structure. Non-physics ‘things’ are just mental concepts without associated substance and structure. One can imagine a Santa Claus of course, and that Santa is non-physics, but that Santa cannot make a transition from that mental non-physics reality to a physics reality. That equally applies to the mental concept of a non-physics Maximally Greatest Being. As in the case of Santa, just because you can imagine a Maximally Greatest Being doesn’t of necessity make it so as a physics reality.

Regarding Something from Nothing

True believers state that God created life, the Universe and everything from absolute scratch, out of absolute nothing. Bull!

Something from nothing is impossible on the grounds that 1) there has never been an observation or experiment made that implies or actually demonstrates that my assertion is not true; 2) there is absolutely no theoretical grounds where such a state of affairs could be the case. Faced with a choice of believing based on actual evidence and on theoretical grounds that you cannot create something from nothing, OR taking the word of true believers for it that such a thing is possible and has happened, I’ll go with the former for they have still not answered the question about something from nothing with an actual explanation or demonstration. Their word is NOT good enough.

No more philosophical waffle. Evidence that something can be created out of absolutely nothing is now the name of the game. Now it is time for the evidence that will stand up in a court of law or be acceptable in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

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