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Do Our Minds Obey the Laws of Physics?

Do Our Minds Obey the Laws of Physics?

the Laws of Physics? Some scientists, primarily biology, believe that thoughts and feelings in our minds are physics things like mind themselves. Or even they are a physics part of the brain. This can not be true. The brain interacts with the brain but does not have any physics characteristics, and is therefore out of the laws of physics. Apples, jet engines, brain or finger nails, physics characteristics – weight, shape, length, surface structure, exhibition – and therefore, it is important to respect these laws. On the contrary, you can not pay attention to laboratory experiences of a person’s brain; you can only study brain activity – not exactly. Though thoughts and emotions are so real: love, pain, envy, hunger, happiness, pride, shame, what happened yesterday, remember what we want to do, our past life – this is our very caste . They are the most important part of what you make; and only you have their experience. The second major part of your brain and body is part of an external physics world that can be seen by scientists.

Earlier, people of scientific age talked about ‘soul’ before the person of a person. But the soul could not fall inside the body and the word is out of fashion. Today we talk about ‘self’ or ‘personal identity’, which are more scientifically acceptable than words ‘souls’; but the concept is not contradictory. These biologists who do not distinguish between mind and matter, have adopted the visual philosophy of materialism: everything in the universe, including human behavior, nuclear, electrical obligations, light waves and so on can be reduced . They look like robots. Clearly our minds are affected by the physics condition of the body, such as when we feel hungry or given to a germ. But the mind is not a matter.

(A living person does not know what happens to himself or when the body dies itself. It may be like a deep sleep or a dream-consciousness. Only those who can potentially know.)

Everything about being human is inevitable, which does not hurt other animals. Sometimes it is called “human condition” but it is an expression that is never described properly. I prefer this ‘human bride’ which is: We are worried about maintaining our own questions that mean, but there is no easy answer. Questions like: Who are we? where are we going? does it matter? What is the right thing to do? What point is most of the time we follow our motivation and interests – work hard, make friends, fall in love, play games, take care of children; shortly we Ignore But when we are not ready, we can spring it up and we feel unhappy or miserable.

A little child from the human bride is not angry. She accepts everything or her mother’s breast, later her parents, her own body, brother sister, is bigger in the world. But after growing, education is being done, learning to think, an intelligent child will realize that there is a difference between his head and everything. The difference is that the philosophers have long talked about. My own result is that my thoughts and experiences are real and these are the only things I have to know directly. And that too, a practitioner is a physics world senses which is also real. That physics world covers my own body and the world about me but not my light mind. Nor the minds of other people of which I can have no direct knowledge.

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