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Fun With Physics: Don’t Beam Me Down, Scotty!

Fun With Physics: Don’t Beam Me Down, Scotty!

Fun With Physics: Don’t Beam Me Down, Scotty! Physics Problem Number one: Their nuclear aspects are facing their nuclear power, which can face four clouds only in other places, facing a starship enterprise cast and staff. ‘Solid’ structure You do not have to remember inside brick walls; it will ruin your day. However, being awakened in the environment is still awakened in things, less than dirt than confession, but still things. You are not being able to get into space, but inside you (environment) things and things are being added to you as you remember. At least you will get a sense of load.

Clear Peas Transfer: Before transforming matters into energy and back matters, what is the “Star Track” transmitter technology, which at the point of view of matter of matter, we do the way we want to point A From point b Any type of ‘beam’ matter (like you) can be directly like your automobile vehicle, automobile or shuttle ship without any other reason? You should be separated if you are going to be awake anywhere else.

Physics Issues Number 2: When you separate, you have to take separately, not only by physics organism or muscle tissue, or sealing by cell; inclined by ankle or atomic atom , But also the basic particle based on the basic particle. You are releasing all the electronics and readers that are included in you. Since one of the cukoos creates the three individual neutron and proton, the checks are mainly particles but are not protein and neutron. Proteins and nutrition are only comprehensive particles, and therefore not primary or initial.

Sorry, it leads to a problem. You can not isolate and isolate individual quarters due to strong nuclear power. These are glucose of powerful nuclear power that throw the readers’ wires in one place so you make your primary neutral or protein. You are seen compared to the power of electromagnetic force or gravity, which is weaker than the growing distance, strong nuclear power strengthens from the growing distance. Maxually you try to remove the trials of quarks, more than they compete to pull. It’s like a rubber band. If there is no bridge, rubber band is in a comfortable condition. But as long as you increase the bridge, the height of the rubber band increases rapidly and gets back to the opposite and opposite force. Translated, nobody has ever succeeded in isolating individual quarters. Therefore, you can not isolate from a protein or neutral – however a separate neutron will ‘overcome’ in an electron, a protein and antennoteo, but the raids are now in nine-born protein.

Now what if all the tad is complicated or downside down? How kind of Continton Cake or Mr. Speak are divided into classification? It has to be below the cellular level, even cells can not be transmitted through sales such as ‘concrete’ holes. In fact, not even 100% of molecules; nuclear or even electrochemicals, nets and protons will make it right from the right side, but I’m easy here because it’s just a ‘what happened’ thinking experience – so Walk with potatoes; or atoms; or renowned electronics, neutrons and proton.

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