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How can I improve my basics of physics?

How can I improve my basics of physics?

How can I improve my basics of physics? You have no idea who you have requested to answer this question. I literally suck at Physics, seeing classmates, juniors and even school kids excelling at this very subject and doing far better than me gives me mix feeling of jealousy, incompetency, despair… (don’t get me wrong, I am happy others are doing great but it really feels bad because I expected more from myself)

Firstly, I like Physics (no doubt about that). Secondly, the answer to this question is pretty obvious we all know it- put some time, do some hardwork and practice a lot. Well if I did those things I would be boasting rather than regretting in the very first paragraph. In short I am writing this imagining what advice I would give to younger me(if i could), which i hope may be helpful to you too.

  1. Stick to one book. Yes this is pretty important, if you are in school stick to the standard book. If at college stick to the book which is easy (yes, i mean easy to read and understand but doesn’t compromises on the content, basically it should keep you interested) and covers most of the syllabus. By sticking to one book I mean just take the book and complete it thoroughly. It should be your Bible you should know every definition and concept in that book. (Once done with that book you can move on difficult books, learning is a step by step process my point is that you shouldn’t jump)
  2. Do the numericals. Please please please do the numericals (solved, unsolved both) no matter what. This is the mistake I made. In Physics if you read the chapter but skipped the numericals then your concepts won’t be clear and eventually you will forget. If you are bad at solving numericals (like me) then follow the points below. I know it is time consuming initially but trust me, and once you get hang of it u can do most of it mentally.
    1. read the problem & write the given information,
    2. write the formulas and think about concepts you can use,
    3. if still couldn’t solve it then see the solution in solution manual,
    4. then do it on your own,
    5. analyse the solution, think about what you learn from this problem and how can you use it, after all physics is about what’s out there.
  3. Try to finish as fast as possible and do it everyday. I usually start with great zeal but then something happens and I usually end up leaving everything in between. I’m still struggling on this, so all I can say is finish what you started and do it fast. Don’t look for motivation make it a habit and do it everyday – treat yourself after completing small goals (that’s how u make it fun and trick ur mind in making a habit).
  4. Don’t look for advice, start doing it yourself and see what works.

Hope it helps 🙂


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