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How To Use Quantum Physics For Better Health

How To Use Quantum Physics For Better Health

Quantum Physics

What is quantum physics? Now in the 21st century, the secrets of the ancients is revealed in easy to understand language.

We are now in the Age of Aquarius. The age of science. all is under law.

What is the Age of Aquarius? It is a physical space in our Milky Way Galaxy. This galaxy has a galactic sun which our solar system is spinning around.

The major difference is one of time and scale. Our planet Earth moves around our sun in one year. Spending one month in each sign. Our entire solar system moves around the Galactic sun in approximately 24,000 years. It spends 2000 years in each sign.

We as a people and as a solar system have never been in this part of the galaxy before.

We are in an entirely new S.T.E.M. (space-time-energy-matter) configuration.

S (space) We as a solar system are in an entirely different physical space in this Galaxy. We have never been here before.

T (time) We have no idea how our man made concept of time will be affected. But there will be a difference. For myself, I can feel that time as we know it is speeding up.

E (energy) Einstein tells us that E= MC squared. We have no idea at this point in time (less than 50 years into Age of Aquarius) if this will hold true for the future.

M (matter) This is the substance that our physical reality is made of. It is the stuff we use to create with our thoughts. We have used up all the MATER (mother substance) allowed for the past 200 years. We have built the forms and functions of the Age of Pisces with it.

We are now in a S.T.EM. position in the Galaxy called Aquarius.

This new space in our Galaxy with it’s new S.T.E.M. has given us our first two tools to use. The Laws of Quantum Physics and the Internet.

Quantum Physics finally pins it down. It tells us that all the energy in the universe, all the information about creation in God’s mind exists in an infinite ocean of energy called the Quantum Ocean. Everything is there. Even there is an incredible / place in the ocean sub-sea substances.

Quantum Ocean is an infinite sea of ​​intelligent, thinking substance.

There are divine blueprints in the quantum sea for everything on the physical plane. There is a divine bluetooth for perfect health.

Ideas are things. Keep it in mind and draw you out of the quantum ocean and energy in your environment.

What are we doing We are the souls inside the body. We are really non-physical. We are spiritual creatures that originate from the spiritual material that exist in the quantum ocean.

Since the Commun Ocean is an infinite sea of ​​thinking thinkers, we can connect ourselves and communicate with it.

It is our belief that, by the law of passion, pull the building blocks that make our reality out of the quantum ocean.

Once you’ve changed your health with a healthy health, after changing your mind, the perfect health divine will flow, all the blocks will run the energy that causes ill health.

The French army said, “Every day I am better and better every day.”

There are two magic words that open the doors of the quantum ocean for you. I am.

Whenever you think or use two or more magic words, you draw their real energy into your population from the Quantum Sea.

What energy or vibrations or ideas allow you to get energy and energy from your chemical ocean? Law of Passion Like to like what you think about fulfilling your ideas.

Here’s a great magic here to attract health, wealth and love:

Once a day is sitting in your favorite chair, you will say comfortable and mentally:

“I now show the goodness of my God from the cosmic ocean (now God’s mind) for my perfect health.”

Alice Peterson acquires the AA Rangers’ Taleer (Viking Name) 72 and a Scholar and the Master’s Master. She is a retired math professor and electrical engineer. He brings his scientific knowledge of quantum physics in his Runic Information Website. He offers a unique perspective for Runs and Quantum Physics. She offers free rugs and quantum physics articles and articles as well as a free newsletter. Take advantage of your unique interesting things.

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