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How to Use Quantum Physics to Build Your Castle of Dreams

How to Use Quantum Physics to Build Your Castle of Dreams

How to Use Quantum Physics to Build Your Castle of Dreams Quantum Physics\Dream Castle Part 1

The time aquarium has given us a new paragraph called the rules of quantum physics. These laws tell us that everything is energy and our thoughts attract quantum ocean or creative energy from God’s mind and create our physical reality. Everything we see around us was created by thought. Our health, wealth and relationships were all created by our thoughts. Our illnesses and maladies are also created by our thoughts.

You are right here, exactly where you are while you are reading this article because you put yourself here.

If you don’t like where you are in your finances, health, or relationships, the good news about the Laws of Quantum Physics is that you can change all of it for the better.

You can do this by using the Laws of Attraction correctly. But you need a methodology, a means, a vehicle to use the Laws of Attraction correctly.

Here is the one that I have been using. It is working for me and it should work for you.

I call it my Quantum Physics Dream Castle. Since thoughts are creative things, what I have done is created my own thought world.

Here’s what you do, every day. Your present reality of health, wealth and love greets you every morning, because you believe it will be there awaiting you when you wake up each morning.

Now practice your Quantum Physics Dream Castle every day and expect it to greet you every morning when you wake. And your new reality will be there to greet you. How long will it take? it is individual and depends upon your particular blocking energies.

So lets begin. Every morning sit in your favorite chair, relax and breath deeply. With eyes closed visualize yourself in a large garden with flowers and trees. Don’t visualize anything small make your Quantum Physics dream garden huge like the one in Versailles.

Now walk down the path towards your dream castle. Cross over the moat bridge and approach the two huge doors. Outside the doors are posted two warriors of your choice. They are there to keep all intruding negative thoughts from entering your castle with you.

Once through the doors you find yourself in huge foyer. There is a large fountain in the middle with a large crystal chandelier hanging on each side. To the right is a fireplace where several logs are burning.

In front of you is a wide stair way. A butler and a maid or what ever you wish, greets you and says “Welcome back Mr. or Mrs.——. ,may I escort you to your private thought room?”

You follow him up the stairs and he takes you to a door and opens it for you. You step inside.

The room is very large with a fountain, fireplace and chandelier if you like. Design your own room.

I have a black and white tile marble floor. Suits of Armor, swords and shields and tapestries of hunting and great battle scenes in my room. I have been a warrior for the past 6 incarnations and I resonate to them.

Remember there is no good or bad only man’s creations. Read the ancient text Bhagada Gita for a treatise on war and warriors.

I have two balconies on either end of my room where I can go out and view the garden. In front of me are twelve oak doors with brass plates depicting what is behind them.

This is my main room in my Quantum Physics Dream Castle. The doors open to rooms where I will create the new pieces of my own reality.

In part 2 I will give you a detailed description of how to build your twelve rooms with your thoughts of what you want your future to be.

Remember you are here now because of your thoughts. Your Quantum Physics Dream Castle will build a new better HERE NOW for you. It is the Law of Quantum Physics. The Law of Attraction. The Law of God and Creation.

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Ranger Story Pattersonson is a Korean warrior living in Monsters of Pokon Hills with Louisiana and Dogie Ducky. She is a retired math professor and electronics engineer, a inventor of simple radionics device called “Nordic “Is called og oggen generator”. He has written more than 200 articles and books that include books on Runs, Redonx, Quantum Physics, Dating History, Strangers Generator and Optional Recovery. Ranger is 70+ but 50 Thank you for the answers.

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