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IB Physics – 7 Ways to Get a 7

IB Physics – 7 Ways to Get a 7

IB Physics – 7 Ways to Get a 7 The IB Physics Course, especially Advanced Courses, is one of the most difficult courses in the IB Diploma Course. Yet, it is possible to reach it too. In fact, according to the BBC data report of November 2009, at 31% of the candidates and 20 percent high-level candidates won the standard level. This means that average, 20 HL students will receive 4 4 ​​points.

To find out, I asked many successful BBC physics students, their technical and IB physics teachers, one of which was used to mark the IB papers. With my own experience, I’ve discovered 7 important things, whose successful students have studied and analyzed the IB analysis.

1) Understand your IB physics curriculum

One of the best aspects of IB science management is the curriculum. All possible concepts of this line can be checked. I met a teacher who originally wrote to the International Empowerment Organization. They told me that I have written that all the questions had been examined by Salafis curriculum and if they were not related, they would end. This means that if you can complete each course in the curriculum, then you will not be surprised at the final examination. So if you have enough time for the final exam, make sure you modify your curriculum when you edit it.

2) Explain your IBB Physics Curriculum

We can go further. I strongly recommend removing a copy of all the relevant sections of the outline. Do not write notes in notebooks and print notes in your notebooks while learning / editing! That way, as you have learned, you are teaching curriculum. When you do so, you will clearly know the topics you are talking about, which you missed, and the topics you are not yet familiar with.

3) maximize your IB Physical Internal Evaluation (IA) score

Examination of IB physics may be difficult, but internal diagnosis is very easy. That’s why you can do this at any time without stress. In addition, most teachers give you the maximum opportunity for the IC score. Most importantly, getting a high score in your gloves means you can get low score in the final exam and still get 7 points. What I recommend is a very close view on your physics guide and see what your needs are for IA. If someone is uncertain, make sure to ask the teacher. If you are not doing well enough, find out why you lost your score. There is no reason to score more than 40 points in your IA.

4) Before you continue, make sure you understand each point

It’s important. As soon as your teacher has explained each point, make sure you really understand it before reaching out. First of all, the more complicated points will depend on the previous approaches, so you can lose your way if you have no idea. Secondly, it saves you a lot of time. That means you will not go back and you need to catch the concepts that you have not previously understood.

5) efficient time management

If you can manage your time well, you can complete the work that usually requires a student within three days a day. In fact, I believe that one of the main differences between 7 candidates and 5 candidates is that they can use their own time well. The most important thing is to remove distractions. When you’re studying from a text book, or doing past paper questions, make sure you’re not on Facebook! and try to keep things that can be used to ignore or engage easily. But I admit, this can often be fun to go to facebook. So I recommend troubling myself at the time of advice. Personally, I should look at Facebook ten minutes before myself from the first part of the work, taking some snacks before working. If possible, allow yourself some kind of pressure. Parkinson’s Law states that the time taken to complete a task is proportional to the time allocated to it. If you have given yourself the entire day for writing completely practically, have the possibilities, it will take you one day. But for those students who are reading the IB English A1, you will get notice that you can write 1500 words in 90 minutes. That is why you set a time frame and your mind will be focused on completing your work at this time. One way to solve this problem is to focus on past files so you can edit and modify your time.

6) IB physics paper problems

I know I’ve just released a new course. There are many papers in the new curriculum. However, you may find that there is too much overlap with the old curriculum, so there is no reason to make many papers. If you have questions that do not belong to your class, leave it. Past paper issues, especially for time-consuming situations are very useful. It helps you learn from this principle – to make a problem, actually write things to help you maintain knowledge. In addition, this is very well known to you. If there is a problem or a set of questions, you can not do it, go back to the curriculum and see which changes you need to change.

7) Carefully check the IB physical identification plan

That’s why I thought IBS physics classes were so difficult because there was a reason because the books written in the textbooks often were not in your exams. In fact, when we appreciated deep rectangular therapy (particle physics options) in our text book and praised the tagging scheme, I realized that they did not match (textbook definitions will be 0). It will be very bad now, especially if students remember the text of the textbook and eventually fail to score the exam. The only thing that testers is your theme and trademark plan.

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