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Parallels Between Physics and Finance

Parallels Between Physics and Finance

Parallels Between Physics and Finance It would be interesting to compare two physics and finance sciences. While there is a case with a matter of money related to the physical universe. Both of them are important branches of study, so parallel drawing between them will be interesting to many lovers of science.

Most of the physics have described a particular trend. Whether it is a subsidiary of the model to describe different observations in every field, electricity, magneticism, modification, attractive. For example, in the theory of wave, the Doppler effect model has explained the simple change of sound frequency by the sole set of equations. The law of Revelation describes that the electricity flow of electricity is the current flow of electricity based on some set of equality. In recent times, based on the financial theory model, the cost of options comes from the BlackS Merchant model. Model contains a set of keyword descriptions. To find ideal solutions like physics models, where multiple parameters need to be put into values.

The uncertainty of both finance and quantum physics is common. There is a field of uncertainty in quantum physics and what we see is in a random state. Everything is a debate and does not contain well-defined rules that can predict the result. The uncertainty of Heinenberger’s uncertainty indicates that electron’s location and speed can not be properly diagnosed, so in the future where electronics can be. Stock markets have a similar case where an investor can not be sure that there will be index after some time after dissatisfaction. There is always a certain uncertainty associated with movement of market and thus is very close to the principle of Heisenberg. The interest rate is the most dynamic measure that temporarily keeps the time and exposure to change, expecting a rocket scientist in the next minute, which may be through all its knowledge that its interest Can be estimated. Sometimes it does not happen. This uncertainty is an important concept every day in the financial world. Weapons, hazard merchants and mediation traders face this uncertainty and face the risk of market movement that can harm them or get financially.

Geometric Bronnian movement defines the suspended particle in liquid. A doctor first estimated this mineral dirty movement of a liquid in order to follow the path as a bourgeoisie. Einstein described mathematical movement in his mathematical paper, presented a set of equations that could define the path after suspended particle. Their equality explains that the particle’s path is commonly described as a permanent homeless term and an instability term. This is the equation set out, which is the interest rate, way of stock market index or an instability path.

In his famous paper, Black S. and Merton explained the prices of the stroke after the stock prices, which have been followed by the famous movement equality, which has founded the famous BlackS Meriton model, which is around the world today. Traders use extensively to the values ​​of values. Black used the law of physics equality to take the main idea behind BlackS equality. Long stock and joint portfolio call option would yield the same constant risk free rate over a short period.

The inflation measures the amount of excess money in the economy in a similar way the temperature of the body measures the amount of excess heat in the body.

Thus overall the theories of finance and physics could be seen in a similar way except that they are taking place in two different worlds. Different ideas are models that have a few sets of parameters. Some ideas are uncertain if there is a certain belief in other ideas in explaining the observation of the trend. Electrical laws apply in magnetism, attractive and heat finances, but are not the same as physics. The same sets of explanations characterize what happens in both the worlds in the end they are different sciences. Although physics study nature and study markets and its devices, review the trends after financial matters. However, some communications can still be developed which should not be meaningless.

Very interesting to write about topics on finance and science. There is large variety of topics that should be addressed and write about. Have a flair for writing and have written articles on science and finance.

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