PHYSICS AND NON-PHYSICSITY Any Supreme Deity (SD) is most certainly is a physics object. Firstly, according to various religious theologians, He / She / It crossed over from a timeless state of ‘reality’ into a reality state where time (thus change through motion) exists. If you are in a physics reality and you change or cause change in that physics reality, you in turn must be physics. Anyway, the evidence that a SD (assuming a SD of course which I don’t) is physics is found in the Old and New Testaments and similar religious texts. A SD exists at specific times in specific places and does specific physics things. He / She / It speaks. You cannot speak if you are not physics! In the Old Testament, for example, a SD controls the weather and drowns lots of animals and people. A non-physics being cannot cause physics rain for 40 seconds, minutes or days. This SD transports Himself / Herself / Itself from place to place via a cloud. A cloud is a physics thing! This specific SD has a throne in Heaven. What need of a throne if you aren’t physics? The Old Testament in particular is full of a SD’s actions, interactions and reactions. I’m sure if you could go back in time and chin-wag with Moses (assuming Moses actually existed of course), he’d tell you that his encounter with a SD had physics reality. This Supreme Deity was a physics something with structure and substance.

I’ve argued long and loud elsewhere that a Supreme Deity (SD), if there be a SD as described in the Old Testament (and similar texts), must be physics on the grounds that creation of physics things (the Earth, seas, animals, humans, etc.) as related in Genesis requires a physics creator. Non-physics auto workers can’t construct a physics automobile!

So I’m here to debate the physics existence of one possible SD known by lots of different names to lots of different people, not the metaphysics non-physics existence of a SD or the SD in Alice’s Wonderland SD, or the SD from Never-Never-Land, etc. I want evidence – no, make that proof – for a physics SD that could get into the boxing ring with the current heavyweight champ and punch his lights out. That kind of a physics SD!

The current heavyweight champ has nothing to fear from a non-physics SD in the boxing ring since a non-physics SD couldn’t lay a non-physics glove on him (or her – thou shall not be sexist)!

I continue to note that religious theologians STILL aren’t answering the eternal question of how their non-physics* Supreme Deity (SD) created something from nothing. They can’t worm their way out of this. They can’t just avoid the issue and procrastinate indefinitely by not answering. Attention all religious theologians: Either please explain or just fess up and admit you haven’t a clue. The more you delay the worse you and your thesis look.

* Even Casper the Friendly Ghost has way more substance and structure than any theologians’ SD, since their SD is non-physics and all that nonsense. I mean how could their SD even see anything if He / She / It is non-physics? It’s the same paradox that faced “The Invisible Man”. Light photons would pass straight through and never register. So both “The Invisible Man” and any non-physics SD are blind! Ghosts on the other hand are physics. If you can see them and hear them and touch them and they have some physics impact on their immediate environment, they have some degree of substance with structure.

Being non-physics isn’t the same thing as being non-green. Something non-green is still a physics something. Something non-physics isn’t a physics something. A red billiard ball can interact with a green billiard ball. A non-physics thing cannot interact with physics billiard balls of any color.

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