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Physics Games Read More about It

Physics Games Read More about It

Physics games constitute a major part of puzzle solving games in the field of video games. Physics games give you an opportunity to witness and experience the wider spectrum of real physics in a video game format. It is designed to test the skill of the player in problem solving techniques using physics as puzzle solving platform.

The puzzle solving video games also try to bring out your capability in logical solutions, your strategy in solving the puzzles and right sequence you choose to solve the puzzle within a given time. Some games also record the time that the player takes to finish the game every time which allows the user to compete with him self. The games open up the gates of a world of fantasy in front of you which you might not even have thought of in your dreams. You can experience an explosion of a bomb on your computer screen and you might as well jerk off the chair which suggests the effects of the game.

Real physics games have not only confined in the consoles of computer screens but have also added wide spread applications on mobile phones too. These electronic gadgets (Computers and even mobile phones) have brought in technological revolutions in the field of physics video games. The advent of internet and broadband have boosted the spread of video games to every nook and corner of the world as most of the games are downloaded from the internet to the computer as well as the mobile phones.

In the olden games, when an explosion occurred, it would look and sound the same every time. Now, that is where the technology of physics comes about and so now, in games, you would find that every time a rocket is fired or a ship sinks or an airplane crashes it would be different and would seem to look a lot more realistic. It is depicted in a way that it would approximately seem the same way how it would have looked if the incident happened in real.

There are games that would give an estimate model of what would happen when a bullet hits a foot or an ankle. The physics games can also reproduce war games which is the most fascinating of all the games for the children of today’s generation.

I-Play has produced a mobile phone game titled Nate Adams, a game based on cross country race on motorcycle or commonly known as motocross. The game allows the player to imitate or emulate all the techniques of a Motocross superstar – Nate Adams.

Few most popular physics games on the computer/mobile screens today are World of Goo, Angry birds and Crayon physics.

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