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Physics Interviews, No Maths

Physics Interviews, No Maths

Physics Interviews, No Maths I was passing through one of the finest “extra” lectures that he wrote about the need to prepare physical intervention in physics.

Now, you can feel all these things. You do not want to feel them; you can work them by diagrams and calculations, but problems become more and more difficult, and as you try to understand nature in the most complex situations If you are more likely to guess, feel and understand you are very good! So what should you do to do on various issues: When you say somewhere, and you are not worried about any quiz or something, look at this issue and see if you behave like this When you change some numbers

Now, how to explain, I do not know. I remember once trying to teach someone who is suffering from a physical course, although he works well in mathematics. One of the best examples of a problem that he found to be impossible was that it was: “There is a round table on three legs. Where should you bring this place, then the table will be the most unstable?”

There was a student’s solution, “possibly at the top of a leg, but I see: I’ll count on how much power it will produce, and in different places.”

Then I said, “Do not remember any calculation. Can you imagine a real table?”

“But this is not the way you want to do this!”

“Never understand how you want to do it; you’ve got a trust with different legs, do you see? Now, where do you think you have to bring? If you’re a leg straight But what if it is pushing? “


I say, “It’s fine; and what happens if you push around the edge, then half-way between two legs?”

“It spreads!”

I say, “OK! It’s better!”

The point is that the student did not realize that it was not merely mathematical problems; he described a real table with legs. Actually, it was not a real table, because it was absolutely circular, legs were straight and down, and so on. But it is almost known by almost a statement, almost a conversation, a real table, and a real table, you can find a great idea to handle anything in this table. Flip the table.

So, how to explain it, I do not know! But once you get the idea that problems are not mathematical problems but also physical propaganda, it helps a lot.

This passage makes the same approach in the introduction of the author of the Aristotle Physics for Glen Minne: that the knowledge and ideas about the physical world are before the summary of modern mathematical physics:

To understand the Net’s arguments for global attraction, someone must have a weight and experience in the stars and planets and moon movements and themselves. It’s not enough to know. This hybrid science comes from non-mathematical resources about nature.

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