PHYSICS: THE CREATION OF SOMETHING-FROM-NOTHING Philosophers give us loads of theoretical philosophical waffle. Meta-physicians give us loads of theoretical metaphysics waffle. Religious theologians give us loads of theoretical theological waffle. A prime example is that something (the Universe) was created out of nothing (by a Supreme Deity). They go further when they collectively say that there is necessarily physics evidence for a Supreme Deity (SD) because the Universe had a beginning, although they often qualify that necessity by use of the phrase “metaphysics necessity” not physics necessity. Regardless, even though there is evidence the Universe had a beginning, it’s just theoretical waffle that this beginning is also evidence for a SD.

Okay, fine, the physics Universe came into existence, but philosophers, meta-physicians and religious theologians weren’t there to witness that event so they therefore haven’t ever seen the creation of something-from-nothing; they have never personally witnessed the non-physics or the immaterial interact with the physics or with the material. To be blunt about it, they’re guessing. My guess in turn is that if they went back to that coming into existence of the physics Universe, they’d find that that physics existence originated from a previous physics existence. In other words, there was a before the Big Bang and that “before” had physicsity.

The one thing theists have NOT given us, NEVER given us, EVER given us, is actual physics evidence to back up their theoretical waffle that a SD created the Universe out of nothing. They don’t know that since there could have been a before-the-Big-Bang and a before that and a before that. To repeat, they weren’t there at that imagined something-from-nothing beginning. Their something-from-nothing beginning is a theoretical philosophical / metaphysics / theological beginning that they have adopted as ‘fact’ because it suits their philosophy / metaphysics / theology. I ask them to prove to us that something non-physics can create something physics via an actual demonstration. Just do it. Make it so. They have always just talked-the-talk. Now I request them to kindly walk-the-walk and produce their physics evidence, not only that a Supreme Deity actually physicsly exists but that He / She / It can physicsly create something (i.e. – our Universe) from absolutely nothing. Their credibility is on the line when it comes to convincing their intended audience, including of course me, that their philosophical / metaphysics / theological worldview is correct. Of course they can’t do it since millions before them have tried and failed to be universally convincing. Atheists aren’t dumb. If you produce the physics evidence they will be forced to agree with you. Now I ask theists to produce it.

To conclude this little segment, they have NOT answered the questions. They have stated that a non-physics being, a SD, can create something-from-nothing; many have stated this is so, but they have not explained how it was done or how it could be done. Give us the recipe. Give us the physics of it that one could then place in a new and improved revised standard physics textbook for undergraduates and graduate students. What are the equations? If the proponents of a something-from-nothing philosophy / metaphysics / theology can demonstrate this, they should do so and earn their Nobel Prize and get their picture on the front cover of “Time Magazine”.

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