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Platonic-Fullerene Chemistry and Platonic-LaViolette Physics

Platonic-Fullerene Chemistry and Platonic-LaViolette Physics

LaViolette Physics Sir Isaac Newton’s unpublished Heresy Papers were discovered last century, declaring Newton’s conviction that a more natural profound philosophy existed to balance the universal entropic energy system. Newton’s balancing physics principles were those that once upheld the lost Platonic Science for Ethical Ends. Some scientists declared that such thinking was the work of a criminally insane mind. During Tony Blair’s rule as the British Prime Minister, senior scientists appeared to be reluctant to talk about the possible technologies associated with Newton’s Heresy Papers. Relevant multimillion dollar research at Cambridge University had come to an abrupt end and senior scientists seemed to be concerned that the Prime Minister was undergoing some sort of religious conversion, as was later proven correct.

protection is a matter of survival of the fittest. This is at odds with the 3rd Century BC Greek Atomistic Science of Universal Love. The Roman historian, Cicero, made that point clear during the 1st Century BC, when he warned the Roman government about the growing popularity of that particular science in Rome. Centuries later, Giordano Bruno lectured about the science of universal love at Oxford University. Upon returning to Rome he was imprisoned and tortured, and in 1600 was burnt alive by the Church for Heresy. This explains why Newton dared not publish his balancing physics principles and why, when they were discovered, were referred to as Heresy Papers.

In her online book, A Fuller Equation – The Synergistic Geometry of R Buckminster Fuller, Harvard University’s Novartis Professor Amy Edmondson, on page 36, explains that Fuller derived his theories from the mathematical writings of Plato. Fuller, in his book, Utopia or Oblivion, also warns that our unbalanced entropic science is bringing civilisation to the point of collapse. Edmondson wrote, that very few people know about Fuller’s journey from the ancient Babylonian and Egyptian Mystery Schools through to the cradle of Western science in ancient Greece. She advised the reader to enjoy Fuller’s great adventure with ancient mathematics. The Platonic-Fullerene chemistry derived from that journey is reflected in the physics derived by the physicist, Paul LaViolette, who also explored the teachings of these ancient mystery schools.

LaViolette examined the mystery teaching in order to explain about ancient concepts regarding the balancing physics of creation. His primordial soup of chemical and mechanical wave energies existed in what Isaac Newton called the ether. From this ether emanated the subatomic blueprints for the creation of the world of matter, explaining aspects of the physicist David Bohm’s holographic universe. LaViolette associates the evil Egyptian god, Set, with the second law of thermodynamics, as Peter Kafka linked the same physics law with Plato’s god of chaos, Diabolos.

La Violette’s knowledge about the Science of Universal Love appears to become pragmatically feasible when entropy reaches a critical phase, which can trigger the predator-prey paradigm into a new creative era of evolution. His physics appears to link with the Platonic-Fullerene chemistry to reveal the potential of a self organising principle in nature, sympathetic to the concept of deriving new technologies from the ancient Science for Ethical Ends. He uses candle flame as an example of order generating an open energy system, contrary to the general understanding of the second law of thermodynamics. A recent dramatic discovery about candle flame by Dr Wuzong Zhou from St Andrews University, Scotland, shows that LaViolette’s physics theories underlie a vast new world relevant to Platonic spiritual reality. When a candle burns its flame generates millions of nano-diamonds (Medical science is already creating such nano-diamonds for use in cellular medical research).

The discovery of the Molecule of Emotion by Dr Candace Pert in 1972 revealed that it evolved as an infinite fractal expression within the universal holographic energy system. This alone challenges the validity of Einstein’s entropic world-view, because the second law of thermodynamics forbids life to be part of such a process. This heat death law demands the demise of all life. Another function of the Molecule of Emotion is the generation of the endocrine fluids to maintain cellular health in a constantly evolving holographic environment. LaViolette’s physics and Platonic-Fullerene chemistry, functioning to balance entropic decay, provides the necessary blueprint to allow the realisation of the United Nations Millennium Project’s 15 objectives for the betterment of the global human condition.

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