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Quantum Physics and Spiritual Guides – Mahatmas and Adepts

Quantum Physics and Spiritual Guides – Mahatmas and Adepts

Quantum Physics and Spiritual Guides – Mahatmas and Adepts My over 300 articles and two websites have one common goal. To offer the everyday man/woman an alternative to the highly technical, hard to understand Quantum Physics language.

I prefer the term “Spiritual Quantum Physics.” Why? Because that is what we really are. Spirits, souls, not physical beings. We are energy beings. And we live move and have our individual being within the infinite being called the Mind of God. My spiritual master of 35 years, told me that unless you could explain a subject in your own words, you do not know what you are talking about.

This is true for mathematics, music, art, Quantum Physics etc. If you start a mathematical proof with a statement 2+2=5, then the whole proof is incorrect. The mistakes that are scientific science quantum physics are in their opening statement. They are leaving an intelligent creator of God and based on their chaos based on chaos. it’s wrong! The second mistake they make is assuming that man is a physical being; which contains a soul inside the body. This statement gives them license to seek all their answers in the physical world. We do not live in a physical world we live in an ENERGY WORLD.

Man is a soul who created his seemingly physical body, so that he can experience life. There can be no physical reality without a soul to perceive it. It doesn’t exist. Individual physical reality just projects from the mind of the individual’s soul.

Spiritual Quantum Physics knows this and it therefore starts it’s premises and theories with correct opening proofs.

(1.)There is a Creator God,
(2.)Humans are not physical beings, they are souls who project their physical reality.

Another important point in any theory is that it must answer all questions that are put to it.

Each of us ‘blink out’ of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God, at the beginning of each incarnation. We ‘blink back’ in at the end of each incarnation.

What then are masters, adepts, mahatmas etc.?

They are special souls who have paid the price of consciously raising their level of consciousness to the point where they can ‘blink out’ and ‘blink back’ into the Mind of God, Quantum Ocean. They have learned their lessons and do not have to incarnate like the rest of us. They do this at will to help the rest of us raise our level of consciousness with their ascendancy. This is their function and makes them different from the average man/woman.

They are sign posts, street lights, flashing arrows to show the rest of us the way.

What is the way you ask? The way is the one which leads to the narrow, road less traveled by. The one which leads to higher consciousness. They lead us to the road that allows those few who are interested in fulfilling their destiny to do so quicker.

But this road is not necessarily easier. This road is narrower and steeper. The potential to mis- step greater.

The destiny of everyone of the billions of souls who blinked out of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God is the same. That being to raise one’s level of Consciousness (awareness). It is to raise one’s level of being (vibration)s and to return home from whence we came, back to the Mind of God. Never having to “blink out” to physical manifestation again.

Every soul will eventually accomplish his journey into consciousness Many, (most) will choose the slow, painful plodding way of the masses. One life time at a time.

There are some, like the masters, adepts, mahatmas etc. who were able to live many lifetimes in one life time. Their light shown such that they were put on the fast track to advancement. They did so that they were able, if they choose, to help those few who seek the narrow path.

These “Higher Vibrating Ones,” exist. They have been written about over and over again in many esoteric books.

Blavatsky’s Mahatmas, Lynton’s Zanoni, Rosicrucian adepts, Count St. Germain just to name a few. Each of us, if our light shines bright enough, can attract a teacher of our own.

They exist and will respond to you the student. “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” My spiritual master primed me for meeting mine. He was a master planting one word “seed thoughts’ into my mind. He knew that each of these “Seed Thoughts” would make sense to me or come to me at the right time.

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