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Quantum Physics Future Gold Mine

Quantum Physics Future Gold Mine

Quantum Physics Future Gold Mine will be an inevitable and satisfactory part of daily life in the near future. It’s coming, and impossible to stop. In fact, we are already there, but yet a lot of snowfall is just ridiculed, most of which are still printed and unused. Those who do not realize this fact will be left helplessly behind.

In my job I often come across people – who should know better – who believe that today’s engineers just need to learn Newton’s mechanics. Talk about living in the past! 300 years, to be more exact… Modern engineers will not be able to function on 300-year-old physics alone! We are talking about the people who will develop (the technical aspects of) our future society. Steam engines and other mechanical gadgets of the industrial revolution will never again lead to real breakthroughs that time has long since passed.

Just as the majority in the mid-1800s did not see the use of financing research in electromagnetism, the absolute “cutting-edge” fundamental research at the time, neither do the majority today understand why they should finance basic and applied research in quantum physics – they simply do not see how revenues will be generated – just the same happened when Edison and others tried to introduce electric light. “People are accustomed to kerosene lamps and will never abandon them” said the critics…

Today virtually everything in society rests on the fact that we finally understood and learned how to apply electromagnetism. The “information revolution” which we now are living in the midst of (and imagine is cutting-edge-modern) is thus based on 150 years old basic research in physics.

The physicist and science philosopher Thomas Kuhn coined the term “paradigm shift”. Normally science develops slowly and remains within the same broad paradigms, i.e. the same framework. But sometimes revolutions happen that are impossible to arrive at gradually. Physics has undergone four really big paradigm shifts: 1. Newton’s mechanics from the 1680s. 2. Maxwell’s electrodynamics from the 1860s. 3. Einstein’s relativity theory of 1905 (special) and 1915 (general). 4. Quantum physics in the 1920s. These are represented in turn by: 1. Newton’s three laws of motion. 2. Maxwell’s equations. 3. Einstein’s equations. 4. The Schr√∂dinger equation.

It seems that about 50 years is needed to translate revolutionary scientific discoveries into the first practical applications, and after roughly 100 years the really big money is capitalized from them: The Industrial Revolution was at its peak in the 1800s (railways, mechanical industries, etc.) and was based on Newton’s equations. The Information Revolution – which we live in right now – is based on Maxwell’s equations. The Quantum Revolution is underway, but has barely started.

For a very long time to come, all pioneering applications (medicine, computers, communication, and every other “micro-engineering”) will be based on quantum physics.
AND the Bill Gates of the new era will be a quantum engineer!

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