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Quantum Physics Meditation Middle pillar of healing

Quantum Physics – Healing Meditation Middle Pillar

Middle pillar of healing

The rules of spiritual quantum physics tell us that there is all energy. You are energy, I am the energy, the planet, the solar system, the galaxy and the universe are all energy. In all these energy, the rest, the space is reduced, the infinite point that is called the Commonwealth Ocean, is called God’s mind. God is energy and there are divine blueprint for humans, planets, galaxies and so on, whatever, in the mind of God, or the quantum ocean will be present as gods of energy energy or matrix. Man is a divine bluetooth for the perfect health. As long as we understand the name of our physical, mental and emotional institutions, our individual Divine Blue Prints, we will be healthy. But when we change the divine blueprints with a blueprint, illness, illness or failure made of humans, separated from it. The elders knew that man was not a physical body, nor his thoughts, nor his feelings. He is a soul who creates his physical, mental and emotional institutions.

All of us have a divine bluetooth dedicated to healthy work. The Eastern Saver called the human body, the non-physics structure inside the chakras. He also knew that any of you physics, mental or emotional problems, due to the prevention of energy, cheese, life or power of life in a chakra. You will be healthy until you obstruct these chakras and flow away from the power of life. Due to negative thoughts, feelings or actions, any flaws will either stop or slow down the energy flow. Therefore, one of the perfect health keys is a continuous flow of life through the dyeing system. MiddlePart meditation is one of the most powerful healing devices that you can use to gain health and maintain health. It’s overall and takes about an hour an hour every morning. It’s a small price to pay for maintaining good health. Medal meditation is based on the divine batsmen of the human system. This system tells us that there is a pillar of non-physiological gastrogras through your body. Each of these grapes can be considered to be about the size of the basket ball.

There are five of these chocolates. One, Crown Chakra is up to you above four inches. The second is your chocolate circle. The third heart and the solar pussus is a peak. The fourth is your genetic chocolate, and the fifth is your ground cycle where your feet touch the ground. All these grapes have a hollow tube. This tube combines crown chalk with crown chakras. Neck chocolate with heartbeat. Heart lamp with lake chakra, with ground cycle lamp. It is the divine bluetooth of human energy system. When someone says, “Your will, my will not be.” This is not a religious prayer. It is an understanding that you live your life according to the energy of living blue prints, and the energy of human beings did not lie false blue prints. These are the ones that cause pain and suffering in the world. Starting the daily process of Eastern Pen Recovery, you will be re-developed your physics, mental and emotional energy institutions according to your Divine Blue Print. You will be surprised how your life will change when you begin to maintain the flow of life in your four lamps. Take care of the power flow of your life and take care of the world that draws you around.

Remember, “the kingdom of heaven (within health, wealth and love) is within your individual” without “your person” without it. “It’s already started: You have the best time for your middle work before morning.” The pillar’s recovery meditation, but will work at any time of the day. Remember, repeat the first law of heaven. Middle East Penal Recovery Meditation: Be comfortable in your favorite chair and breathe slowly and deeply. Now you start your meditation by looking at your Middle Parlor Chakra system as described above.

Inside your head in a basket-shaped area, make 4 “insight.” This is your crown. Because of which you do not touch your head, because it is also connected to the non-physics world of cosmic ocean. Now a cartoon back size is estimated. The circle in your throat area. Now you have a basket ball size area in your heart and solar pulse area. Now you have a basket ball in your genetic area. Shaped area. Now size of a basket ball in your foot or ground area. Areas of pillars between you.

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