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Quantum Physics Thoughts

Quantum Physics Thoughts

Quantum Physics Thoughts A spiritual quantum physician recommends that a scientific kit can give physicists.

Thinking that you can find all the answers through thinking or measuring.

Another powerful and spiritual exercise is to know how to understand “how” By learning how to perceive with out words or thoughts you will be able to see clearly the energy configuration before you. Perception allows you to see past the physical reality of an object to it’s real reality, it’s energy configuration.

The Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics tell us that all physical reality is no more than a projection of one’s inner reality.

There would be no physical reality if there were no individual souls to experience it.
We are all individual souls who have blinked out of the Mind of God, who can be called the infinite soul.

We blink out to experience life. The Physical reality we see is our mental projection. We are actively seeing, as a physical objects, what we are projecting from our inner selves, outwardly.

My physical reality all around me is my personal projection. I need not think about it. I need to learn how to perceive it; to experience it without words.

Ask one of the ancient seers, “How do I raise my level of consciousness and become more God-like?’

They would tell you, “Be still and know that you are God.”

Do not think about being God. Do not let the thousand questions about you and God arise. Just shut up. Stop thinking and be still in the NOW.

How can you measure a thought?

Once a scientist hooks up a thought, an idea or any physical object to a machine it is no longer that thought or that physical object.

It is now becomes the Scientists thought about the thought or the physical object. It has changed.

If you just perceive (Becoming wordlessly aware) of the thought and just look at it or a physical object, you will see the energy configuration of the thought and the physical object.

Once you allow another soul (smallest quanta) to think about you or your thoughts; they are no longer your thoughts.

They have been mutated in the transition.

Your thoughts are your individual telephone lines between you, the Mind of Gd, the playing field (matrix) of the peopled earth and that energy matrix called your physical, emotional and mental body.

Your individual thoughts create life experience for you to help you with your growth into higher consciousness. They will attract people, places and events into your life.

Once someone else (doctor, lawyer, preacher, teacher, scientist) interfaces with your thoughts your life will change.

Time to stop letting other people affect your lives.

They now know that doctors affect adversely the blood pressure of many of their older patients just by having them in the office and talking to them.

The Age of Pisces was the Age of the middle man. It is gone. Let us stop asking the middle man what to do.

The Age of Aquarius is the Age of, “I Know!”

If doctors want to search for new diseases let them. But don’t talk to them about it. Let them keep it in their own reality. Don’t let them spew dis-ease it into your consciousness.

If a scientist wants to look for a new black hole, let him. But don’t go to his class and listen to him. You don’t need a ‘black hole” in your consciousness.

Let these very powerful authority figures who cling to the Age of Pisces create what they want. Let their creations destroy them not you.

Let us ignore them and seek the answers to our own questions within ourselves by practicing the art of perception.

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