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Radionics Quantum Physics Part 3

Radionics Quantum Physics Part 3

Radionics Quantum Physics Part 3

What is Radionics? It is described as a magic at a distance; The ability to affect changes without a physical touch.

Radionics gives you the strength and control to influence your life changes; exactly the rest of your home. Or some person to place the place or event 10,000 miles away.

Radionics has been with us for several hundred years. It was a pioneer of the ‘Award of awards’ which started around 50 years ago and will last for more than 1950 years.

Aquarium Radonics were experts from Scientists before. Many of them were. And now thanks to the internet, a gift of age aquarium you use to net and download reference content about what you want. To start with a few names, check: Delaware, DOWN, Abramas, Copy, Rich and Wells.

Each radonics device is a simple black box of this season, a handmade plan, $ 5,000. High-tech radiation device, everyone has three working principles.

They need all powerful sources, cures and a target.

Rules of quantum physics tell us that infinite ocean exists, the name of the Quumanum Ocean is intelligent energy. We can also refer to God’s mind.

Everything that ever had, whether or not the quantum is in the ocean. There is no time or place, just here – now.

Due to the apparent separation of physics and materials on the physics plane, due to the abundance of the structure. If the Universe in the Universe was everything similar or vibrated, only “One” would be God.

The link connected to all physics, places and events on physics ship is life-force, old, Galama, or Nous.

A Radomixix device uses the power of life to send quantum oceans to the physics plane, to send messages to God’s mind and from behind.

A Radomonic device produces magic at a distance. What happens to this: A Radionics device combines your desire, intention, treatment with energy in quantum ocean, and brings these energy from weapons on the physics plane. This season is yours, your photo or 1000 mile of photo.

This movement of energy is done through life through the link attached to everything.

The powerful and ever-working cosmic law (all is under the law) on all three powerful devices.

The law of the three tells us that whenever you have two energy fields combined with a third energy sector. It is a relationship between both the energy fields.

When you hold one of three on Redhead Matrix, as well as one target (picture, signature, hair, or blood) as well as a treatment or desire (desire, thinking, prayer) source, paper, wood or electronic, and Adds them

What you need is a playground, Redonx Matrix, a License Force Power Supply. It may also be an image of Orgonite, Orgone Generator or Orgonite or an Orgone Generator. You need a desire, cure, intent, which can contain a written command, symbol, color, a homopathic tablet, an aspirin etc.

And finally where you need to go energy from Quantum Ocean. One photo, signature, hair lock, drop your blood or make a love.

Once you adopt it, your Radimonix device, using three rules, quantum physics laws and radonics science to send your views, desires, quantum oceans, God’s mind 24/7/7. Will do

You do not have to do anything, but have positive attitude (need to retain or eliminate the process) and be patient.

Finally, your desire, thinking, desire or intention will show in your life.

Ideas are things. Quantum Ocean, the mind of God, is always listening. Your Radomics Matrix is ​​from the mouth of God to your mouth with your mouth.

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