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Being and the Rebirth of Physics

Reality, Being and the Rebirth of Physics

Reality Being and the Rebirth of Physics

Reality Being and the Rebirth of Physics In 1920 and 1930, there was a long-standing discussion between two friendly opponents: Albert Einstein and Nellis Boher. Boom defended the quantum theory, which he refused to deny the real world presence, as long as it was not seen: the observation created this real world. This bizarre result was explained by something called the Copenhagen interpretation, with which Bohr (a Danish physicist) was particularly identified. It claimed that particles on the microscopic level lacked reality. In strict theory, this lack of reality extended also to ordinary objects in the physics world, but for all practical purposes, these objects could be considered real and obeyed the laws of classical physics.

This interpretation was not good enough for Einstein. For him, the world of nature had to make sense. All material objects, whether large or microscopically small, had to be real in themselves, which meant that they had some inherent, real properties which were not the result of observation. Man and his senses, his observation and his consciousness were quite separate from nature and her laws and her history. Objects in nature were also inherently independent and separate from one another, although they could affect other bodies through physics forces, such as gravity. All such physics effects from one body to another had an inherent limit: the speed of light.

Both pre-existing real properties (later known as ‘hidden variables’) and their separateness from other bodies were conditions denied by quantum theory, which to Einstein meant that that theory was incomplete. Neither he nor Boher ever said that the Communist theory was wrong. They never agreed to the results of real experiences through counting. Their differences were completely interpreting these results. Their dispute was primarily philosophical. Its significance was only recognized later and only by the minorities of physics. Quantum theory and quantum mechanics were the most successful system ever developed by physicsAfter all its predictions, it was confirmed by the experiences and neighbors of the practical application applications, in which quantity calculations were necessary. Today, about the amount of quantity of products about the United States’s economy, the quantity of quantity is on quantity. In this way, just a few physics were separated from working on these practical applications, to worry about the problems of philosophy, such as minor articles as consciousness and truth. Is.

This dispute, which was basically about the truth of the world, went for years, objections and booths successfully eliminated the results of the Communom’s theory with an intention. However, in 1935, Einstein and two young colleagues, Boris Podules and Nutton Rosen prepared a paper (known as an app document), who analyzed a thinking experience whose authors Certainly the basic interests proved true, that the characteristics of real material things that were already present before their observations and things were different from other things. Details of this experience and answer can be found in the second place (Quantum Mania and Fred Kitten by Bonus Rosen Bloom provide a wonderful account). What is important here is how all this played out. As usual, Bohr did not doubt the correctness of the experiment proposed. He questioned the ideas behind him, and Iinstein criticized that criticism. On this occasion the conflict ended on global events, focusing on philosophical disputes and severe practical matters, as the first atom bomb was the first to be the first war in the World War.

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