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Six Impossible Physics

Six Impossible Physics

Six Impossible Physics The public opinion of physics is that everything is beautiful and dry. All the basic things are known and now the next disk space gets a normal case in accuracy, as well as anything out of it and can do something more. The revolutionary physics that we saw with quantum mechanics and proportion in the early 20th century have become very long for days. Well, this is not enough. Many are offered, even the most physicists have accepted, this is not really in concrete. I think some mainstream physics, some of the mainstream challenges, have also been removed from the south side of La-Land, for the most important purposes. I think Physics is still for some revolutions.

string theory is one of the central mainstream proposed challenges and replaces the standard model of particle physics like small light wires for all these particles, such as electronics and quarters and neutrinos etc. Different vibration rates are told whether there is electron or a coconut or a rectangular or neutrono, even if it is not even worse. Where the immigration principle is away from the trains, the IMHO is not intended to work, the universe also includes a dimension at the same time to use three special dimensions and standard, but overall Ten eleven dimensions. Sadly, this is the extra dimension that leaves scales far from distress. The string theory would not be too bad, there was the smallest part of the ‘particles’ and the experimental evidence of these extra dimensions. There is not. If you do not have an account yet, register now! I’m sorry to hear from you. Please try again. If you do not have an account yet, register now! Sadly, this principle is now in the fares of the past three decades, and it still remains purely ideological, but also mathematical (very difficult to understand). The string theory is not going anywhere. This is a dead end. As far as I am concerned, until the smallest part of the experimental evidence is on the board, the string is still impossible physics. I’m not breathing myself.

Standard models of particle physics often say that early particles are ‘point island’. So what are ‘Point Islands’? These are basic particles that are not present in the body, but as billiards balls, but as geometric points, points that are not expansion (volume). In other words, one point is zero dimension – no length, no width, no height, no area and no volume. If you do not have an account yet, register now! I’m sorry to hear from you. The main mistake is that electronics like particles grow up. You can not crush massively, however, in small volumes volume! Therefore, an electron should be volume, so electronics ‘point particle’ may not be. So what is the logic? Although it has never been clearly stated, I suspect that it is great to keep mathematics easy! Instead of increasing mass and volume like other variables and complexities, a ‘point particle’ during crushing numbers. Unfortunately, I have studied many physics tomes where the volume of zero volume is literally taken. If this is the case, those who apparently support such positions are ready for the White Queen.

The lack of causality in a process really disturb me. Somebody wants to get some food – a free lunch. There are two such ‘free lunches’ advocates. A big Bang scene that closed our universe. After many physics and chemotherapy, ultimately led to biological institutions – you and me. After Big Baga’s free lunch, I’ll be more and more, say more.

Early, two lunch numbers – due to radiation. Standard view goes into common that it has a non-stable atom, or non-stable atomic nucleus. To achieve more stability, nuclear nucleus comes out of different bits and fragments – alpha particles, son particles and / or gamma ray. The problem is that there is no rhyme or reason why, when and especially when they leave bits and pieces. You can take two such radiation nuclear nucleils. After a few seconds a ‘puff’ may be decided for execution of hundreds of years before deciding the second decision. The reason for physicists is that if there is no rhyme or reason why both do not behave in the same fashion, they see how nuclear they are, because of which they do not work because of them. There is no external trigger. There is no additional cause and effect in the operation.

Nuts for her! If an atomic nucleus goes ‘puff’, it has the effect and effect. If there is a ‘puff’ twice in different times, there is also a reason for it. While two nuclear nucleas can be the same, in their surroundings, there is no IMHO. This is an invisible variable.

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