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Spiritual Quantum Physics and Age of Aquarium

Spiritual Quantum Physics and Age of Aquarium

Age of Aquarium

Astrologically speaking, we are in the age of award. We speak physics, as a solar system, there is a different place in our milk and movement galaxy.

Our planet Earth lives around our sun in the 365/4 day circuit. He distributed this 360 degree orbit to humans in twelve equal pie. We have given each of them a name. We call the third eight architects, starting with the Middle horizon. Next, we are travers, mini, cancer, leo, vego, labor, skioper, secretary, fish, aquarium and mens in moving forward. We call this twelve orchard house. Mesh is becoming the first home.

In our solar system, each of the other planets also monitor our sunlight at different times of time. At that moment, we were born biometric matrix of the exact position of the sun and other planets were the animation of our cellular structure, our energy setting.

Geological science tells us about the impact of our lives that we are concerned about the growing planet. Our planet Earth, the sun and all other planets make an energy matrix in which we live.

Massively around our sunshine sunshine around our sun, as our whole solar system, as a unit, clock clock.

It takes our solar system to complete a class around 2000 years Glacious Sun. Just think of the thought that we move thousands of miles of space missions with a 2000-year-old meditation?

Our solar system has just called the age range away from the thirty-degree architects of our Galactic Sun. We just entered the new third arc called “Aquarium Age”.

Speaking scientifically and physics, we have entered a new STEEM. Continuous. Space, time, energy, matter continuous.

Spiritually, we have moved to our area of ​​consciousness in the area of ​​Galaxy. We do not really expect this new position in this place. But it’s not really important to know. It is more important to “become”.

We can already see some gifts or indications of the new energy in this place in place. We have quantum physics, radionics and ozone breeding and internet rules. It will be interesting to see who will bring us the next 1950 years.

Quantum physics laws are a gift from aquarium in our times. Simply speaking, the laws of quantum physics tell us that the concept of the universe Ocean is an infinite ocean of intelligent energy. Spiritually it is God’s mind, where we live, move and live in our existence.

So though we feel that we have moved a distance in space around our glacial sun, in fact, we move to “the mind of God”.

There is no time, in the past present or quantum sea, future in God’s mind. There is no place in the Omnoon Ocean. Just here

Whatever was there, in Konuman Ocean, exists in the mind of God. The age of which we have physics left and is the age of aquarium that we have physics existed and has always been in the mind of the quantum ocean, the mind of God.

We are individual souls who are within the mind of God, who induce themselves ‘and’ of a new avatar of quantum oceans, when our physics life ends, we bow down in the quantum ocean. This is an incredible and unfolding process.

It’s all scheduled schedule, our avatar, planet, solar system, gallani, and so on.

The human race, in the civilizations of ‘human’ and ‘bend’, human civilizations are on schedule of all time.

Only we have a free selection gift as individual soul. We can choose ourselves for which we will choose ourselves. This free allows us to choose our ideas, emotions, and actions which will create our present reality.

We now have a choice of gifts and tools for quantum physics laws, in Aquarium Age.

Alice Peterson is a retired mathematical professor and a electronics engineer, AA Rangers. He has studied surgery, runs, aeration and alternative therapy for more than 30 years. She is 70+, very healthy and in the depths of the Pocono mountains, her wife lives with Louisiana. Their writings are unique and fresh.

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