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The Changing Scope of Physics

The Changing Scope of Physics

The Changing Scope of Physics Where did the physical scope of our modern age come from? The founder of modern physics, Galileo, established the principle that can be used in a scientific way. These laws were based on the first position in Galilee’s confession that, as an observer of physical phenomenon, had nothing to do with the things associated with the things. These physical things were one of them free. He had his own history, his own development, which he just saw. So whatever happened to him, as a specific person, there was no reason for science on this occasion and had to reject it. It includes anything that comes through listening, smell, taste, and solid contact organizations. These human emotions ensured that all such information was unwanted and was not part of the new science science. In his opinion some information about the removal of these brain organs, which they ranked as targets and labeled “basic features”. Only these were suitable for science.

Principal primary features were matters and movements. The famous Ren Dartartes said that if they were given a movement and movement, they could build the universe. All the fascinating conspiracy of physical laws laid down by Newton, only matter and movement. Physical inquiry was thus restricted and focuses on the foundations of Galileo and our age, on mathematical expressions of those who deal with these two features. This method was understood that it is sufficient to grind and expose all the secrets of nature.

Then in the early decades of the early decades. It seemed like Newton did not have all the answers, all the answers. Some of these predictions worsened, and the need to describe these poles made bases for both the proportion and quantum theory, which later took two branches of the dominant dominion in the twelfth century. Physics take tea on the boundaries of their science. Orthur Adenton remarked specifically about Galileo’s basic features in special treatment in medical treatment: “…. Ideally, all of our universe knowledge was only visible by visual censorship – in fact visual Feeling, colorful and non-stereotypes. “Bretand Russell emphasized that” Physics is not mathematics because we know a lot about nature but because we know very little: it’s just its mathematical characteristics that We can find. ” J.W.N. Sullivan has written a book on this subject, the scope of science, which he concludes: “There is a matter of science, but partial part of reality and …. is not the biggest reason to face Everything looks like science. What it accepts. “

Physics was getting out of the situation of Newton. It all seemed so easy: the physical things of nature existed whether we understood them or not. He had his own independent, independent existence and history. The basis of these things was the matter and the movement, as the final part of the matter of nuclear matters. Atoms were just like normal matters in things, but only very small, very small. All these common feelings are now eliminated by the development of physics. First to go, it was the idea that the nuclear, the smallest possible, incredible form of the matter was. The atom can break into small “particles” or “small particles” in small quantities, and the last size of the particle on the amount of energy, so that no one can prove that this particular particle can never be divided.

The even more disturbed discovery was that these sub-particles were not just ordinary bits of matter at just one small scale. They were not quite different. One of the physics teeth in the early twentieth century, Werner Hessenberg called them “property” or “possibilities” and said “the particles themselves are not real.” But the general ingredients were just a large collection of sub-substances, so if these things were “real” and actually did not contain the ingredients of their particle, what? He has talked about the fact of the fact of the fact, physics, which is not a matter of matter and movement, nor science, through the nineteenth century of the Lord Kaleon, just science and its worthy and worthy and despair Should be worried and should be subject to experimental verification.

Physics come with a solution to the final matter particle problem by explaining it like a small dot, but not like a piece of string: string particle. It is also the same dimension, as described as length, so it may not exist as a thing to understand through our five breasts in the natural world. Nevertheless, the wire’s particle is to represent the final, incredible particle of the mind, it must be “real” in some fashion. mind Galileo’s definition of his “primary qualities”, matter and motion. However, modern physics has come to see that the argument of Galileo was fundamentally wrong here, because investigations of matters and movement still had a sense of ideology and thus could not be independent of the observer. In the seventh century philosophy, the term “reality of reality” platinum term was used to be nominated Man’s involvement and Galileo used this platinum nominated to fully define and act on the matter freely and independently.

Modern physics have realized that through our senses in the universe, in which we, observers, actively participate. Just as John Wheeler, a Communist specialist, says: “It is useful in everyday life that it says that the world is present” out of there ‘is one of us, this perspective It can not be finished yet. It has a strange feeling in which ‘Partners Universe’. “The things we consider in nature are really mentally with whom we are involved in and not only Real facts that are different from us. Quantum mechanics so far say that microscope objects have only the observed characteristics. They were not present before them. Whatever we can think about such statements, it ensures the traditional matter and physics out of motion!

However, these are the effects of string theory that really focus on the new possibilities on the mind. As we have seen, the modern physician has rejected the context of Galileo that the fact based on anything in the physical world can be applied. Everything we can understand through the senses must be involved in our participation. However, not by the particle definition, the wire is considered by our breasts, but as the origin of the matter, it must be “real”. This fact should therefore be in platonic sense. This means that this particle can only exist in a real but unhealthy world, which is beyond human sensation and is beyond human presence. In philosophical terms, such a world is the real world of the world, rather than the true existence, as a potential world, which is limited to our three local and at the same time dimensions. The fact is that physics have reached this stage, where it requires a complete explanation of the incident, which is being investigated, emphasizes the need to provide a wide range of attention to this issue and out of movement.

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