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The Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics

The Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics

The Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics The new example of spiritual quantum physics is based on the following axioms:

(1) You have God because your cells are in your body.

(2) You are a dynamic unit of energy and your life is growing and you have to be within another endless dynamic unit of energy called God.

(3) There is energy in multiple rotating and multi-set bicycles.

(4) The universe is the only thing in universe.

It tells us that all physics, pen, planets, people, and even universe are not more than the expression of God, you and me and mental humanity.

There are no physical things available there only. Take the individual person who is thinking of something and it will disappear from the world of physics.

If there is no thinking about the Golden Gate Bridge, all the letters, pictures and pictures of this bridge have been destroyed. The Golden Gate Bridge, in the part of the world of known physics and non-physics of God’s mind behind, next person to think about it.

All of us are spirit, the ‘united’ units of dynamic energy are presented outside the mind of God in the Commonwealth Ocean.

Quantum Ocean is the infinite body of intelligent energy thinking. No time. Past, present or future is not just ‘NOW1’.

The Konuman Ocean has no width, width or length. right here! ‘

So “now here!” Yes.

The Gothic Sea shows that they use billions of souls to eliminate goals and experience material life In you, I am, there are planets in the physical form where the quantum is part of the ocean physics. Then there is a part of the non-physics of the quantum sea, where there are all unlimited possibilities of existence.

We have divine blueprints in God’s mind, called “Our Universe” which has to face life in Divine Bluetooth.

There is an unlimited number of divine blueprints to explore yet on the non-physics of quantum ocean and to show on our physics plane.

How do they show? Ideas are things. Man takes care of his alien blueprints in mind with his mind in the physics world outside of Quantum Ocean.

Where do you think great inventors, writers, creative people get their ideas? There are blue views of the wall of ideas in the Omnoon Ocean.

The edition had to think of the electric light bulb and had to try 10,000 experiments before it, with that idea, there was plenty of energy to extract the final bluetooth from non-physics into physics.

You can do that, so just think of big ideas.

Rangers’ story (Viking is named) is 72 and its skull and Ranha are the owner. She is a retired math professor and electrical engineer. He brings his scientific knowledge of quantum physics in his Runic Information Website. He offers a unique perspective for Runs and Quantum Physics. She offers free rugs and quantum physics articles and articles as well as a free newsletter.

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