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What is Reality in Physics?

What is Reality in Physics?

What is Reality in Physics? The truth is used to deal with a concept by philosophy and science. When he divided the physical phenomena into two segments, it was replaced by Galileo. First of all, what they did to “basic features,” was suitable for scientific treatment and analysis because they did not agree to the presence of a person. This free existence deprives individual occupations. Such articles can be influenced by hiring health, focusing and hosting other personal factors, which has influenced “secondary features” and made them illegal for scientific studies. These secondary features needed a person’s presence and applied in all the observations made by kisses, touches, listening and breasts of Galileo, in the eyes of taste.

The number was very low in Galileo’s core features, and Ren Dartartes later reduced the matter, the matter and movement. These features were free from people. His reality was because of this. On the other hand, the articles were subject to the secondary attributes, in which the name of a person needs the presence of the Prophet, their names. These two facts, articles and motives were embedded in philosophical traditions, ancient Greeks and historians for thousands of years. In these philosophies, all the physical phenomena in our world’s nature, which just needed our imagination, was the mental reality. This fact was considered to be a very low waist from the fact that the purpose of the universe, which was beyond the direct concept of our common spirit, and thus was present outside of the presence of our presence. This divine world was not just a world of religious beliefs in these philosophies. It was the real existence and of all the world’s “real” knowledge. It can be trained specifically for such contacts, such as miracles, lovers and myths.

Revolutionary thinking of Galileo can now be fully appreciated. He had informed about the fact of the purpose of reality, just as the property of God’s world, and it was cool on the two basic features of matter and motion, which had the characteristics of the lower world nature. The matter and movement were now their special sciences, physics specialists. He made the foundation of Greatton’s great synthesis of natural laws. He was a philosophy, a scientific interpretation, and a radical concept of a model of the world, which had abandoned the physics government until 1920.

The results of Galileo’s actions were quite unusual in those cases and continued on that day. When he was careful about himself to restrict himself to only two basic features of matter and movement, at that time, when scientists point out to all their senses by their natural covenant, their own independent existence As they thought He allowed them to tell that the history of nature was completely free of human history, so that in the earliest periods of the presence of its earth, the person’s scenario will end up long before it is seen. It looks unusual for us today, but the way to understand the geographical history of the world is not more than Galilee. Earlier, at least at least Christian times, the world began in the year 4004 BC. There was another result. This free issue was now considered as an important factor, which has appeared on earth, just like life, feeling and awareness, pure natural, random processes have been developed.

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