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What The Bleep is All This Quantum Physics Stuff About?

What The Bleep is All This Quantum Physics Stuff About?

Quantum Physics is the science of gods… Newtonian Physics is the science of the small minds of men. CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA: Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting that you should forget the Newtonian world of three dimensions (3D) and just operate in the quantum soup–not if you want to get any results, that is. To be effective, you must develop understanding and mastery of both quantum and Newtonian realms.

I recently had lunch with a unique individual who was telling me he was going to lose weight. He then proceeded to hold his hands over his pizza while stating that he was turning it into a salad at the quantum level. I thought he was joking… but as I continued to watch his intensity, I realized he wasn’t! Give me a break! Unfortunately, this type of philosophy isn’t that unusual in certain circles. I’ve been told many times that a person was going to sit in their living room to meditate and “manifest” large sums of money or a new job. Look. If you sit around and meditate in Western society… they’ll come take your furniture away.

Chardin told us years ago, “You’re not a physical being having a spiritual experience… you’re a spiritual being having a physical experience.” The spiritual realm is another way of saying “the quantum field,” while the physical realm is the 3D world of Newtonian physics. Yes, you’re a spiritual being, but don’t be silly enough to forget the rest of the statement. You ARE having a physical experience! And in the physical world, there is no substitution for action–big, bold, fast and frequent!

I interact daily with people all over the world; and I can assure you without question that the biggest problem people have in creating what they want and deserve in life is that they are missing the mark in one of these two critical areas–quantum or physical.

The cosmic foo-foo (technical term), wants to sit around meditate, philosophize and think about doing great things but doesn’t want to get off the sofa (or their cool meditation pillow). While the diehard, “rational scientific-type” individual typically doesn’t want any part of the spiritual realities. This limited thinker frequently states with pride, “If you can’t touch it, taste it, see it, measure it, then it doesn’t exist!”

I enjoy asking these people if they’ve ever experienced love… for it can be proven by none of the above criteria. If you happen to be one of these diehards, you may be thinking, “I can see, touch, experience love.” But that is untrue. At best, you can see and experience the effects of love but not love itself (think about it). Ultimately, the process of mastering both the quantum and physical worlds is the only way to accomplish outrageous results in every area of your life. Period. Every other effort or approach will leave you at a shortfall and frustrated.

James Arthur Ray of James Ray International is an expert in teaching individuals how to achieve Harmonic Wealth® in all areas of their life by focusing on what they want, opposed to what they don’t want. He has been speaking to individuals as well as Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years and is the author of four books and an inventor of numerous learning systems. His studies of highly successful people prove that they continually achieve results by taking control of their thoughts and actions to create and shape their own reality.

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