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Where can I learn physics online?

Where can I learn physics online?
 I can suggest you a list of free online physic courses:
Fields at State University of New York – Stony Brook
Fields is an online physics textbook written by Professor Warren Siegel of SUNY – Stony Brook. The text focuses specifically on quantum field theory and claims to discuss standard topics of field theory in a fresh, new way. It also features working hyperlinks to referenced papers.
Fundamentals of Physics I at Yale University
This Open Yale course consists of 24 class sessions. Each session has an audio lecture, video lecture and transcript, as well as assignments with solutions. Students will learn about basic principles of physics, including gravity, thermodynamics, relativity and waves. A textbook is required to get the most out of the course.
General Physics I at University of Michigan
Students are introduced to mechanics in this course, with topics including Newton’s laws, torque and angular momentum. They can download lecture notes and exam reviews. Students can also access interactive exercises that demonstrate various principles.
Interactive Simulations at University of Colorado – Boulder
This site offers more than 90 online simulations of physics experiments. Students can manipulate data to test band structure, charges and fields, friction and other types of scientific phenomena related to physics. The simulations come with teacher’s guides for learning.
Introduction to Modern Physics at Tufts University
In this undergraduate course, students look at relativity and explore the principles of quantum mechanics. They can download slides of lecture notes and several years of exams and solutions. Topics covered include electron waves, atoms, molecules and radiation. A textbook is required, and other readings are recommended, to fully learn from the course.

Much easier and cheeper way is learning by yourself, when you read books and do different experiments, or if you can’t do experiments at home you can use special app – Step.

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